Taxsutra Quasar - A one stop shop for all Tax professionals in Middle East, Taxsutra Quasar's razor sharp focus is on VAT Legislations in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Taxsutra has a ten-year pedigree of providing the finest Tax and Corporate law real time news and content in the Indian Subcontinent with 11000+ subscribers from across Corporate Tax, Professional Consulting and the Revenue services. TMSL is a premier tech-enabled platform for the tax world, founded by well-known GCC/Indian indirect tax experts Mr. Pratik Shah and Mr. Jigar Doshi. A brainchild of Realtime Taxsutra and Tax Technology Managed Services (TMSL), Taxsutra Quasar aims to provide a perfect blend of content, the whole nine yards for the readers with Legislation Guide; Tax Updates; Editorial contributions from industry experts and our proprietary insights on various topics, and much more.

Quasar’s ‘Legislation Guide’ is a treasure trove, extensively cataloging current as well as erstwhile documents on Federal Decrees, Guides, Regulations, Manuals, Forms, Clarifications, etc. for VAT, Excise, Customs and Transfer Pricing. The provisions are interlinked and cross-referenced with other relevant documents providing an end-to-end understanding of a particular topic which enables the users to interpret the law comprehensively. We at Quasar endeavor to maintain all the historical versions of the Tax documents in a chronological manner as amended from time to time. All the previous versions of Tax documents are also linked with the current version of the Tax document for easy reference of users.

Quasar further brings to you incisive articles from Industry Experts in form of "Expert Articles" covering the emic and etic of GCC Taxes. In addition, Quasar delivers news updates on Tax in GCC. Our special feature 'Litigation Chronicles' covers articles on the latest tax litigation. What distinguishes us, is our premium proprietary content, in the form of case studies and Exclusive Research Reports on hot-button tax issues as well as VAT controversies! These Research Reports cover highly informative sector reports covering industries like - Real Estate, E-Commerce, etc.

Its Comprehensive. Its Reliable. And it comes from the House of Taxsutra which binds together a large family of over several thousand tax professionals today.